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Welcome. This is where I get the ideas out. Listen, enjoy, tell me what you like and let me know what you hear in your head that would make 'em even better.

Song Date Notes
The Ocean (EZR) 2006/Dec/4 Instrumental. Third take ever.
Juicy You (EZR) 2006/Nov/14 Rips. x1
It Is Divine (Pollard) 2006/Oct/21 By GbV but never released on a regular album. Another version almost ready... Words
Love the Poison (EZR) 2006/Oct/3 That which doesn't kill me probably isn't much fun. Words
Chemical Scouts (EZR) 2006/Oct/4 We're always going home. Words
Soul Sister (EZR) 2006/Dec/15 Blues for whitey. Changes weeky, five years running.
(Takes from 2002: 1 2 3 4!).
Hard Strawberry Kisses in the Afternoon (EZR) 2006/Aug/29 Words
Stages (EZR) 2006/Dec/16 I've walked these boards a thousand times. Words
Learning to Fly (EZR) 2006/Dec/16 Instrumental. Finally a good recording.

Older (Radio Shack tie-clip mic and a tape recorder)

Ugly People (EZR/E. Kraus) - The It's Not Okay children's books will start with It's Not Okay to be Ugly. Or maybe it's a song culled from from Tales of the Supermodels (excerpt / lyrics). '02.
Learning to Fly (EZR) - Guitarrific. Feb 28/06.

Recording Notes

Instruments: Takamine Acoustic Guitar, Gretsch Drums, Zildjian, Paiste and UFIP cymbals, Djembe by Seiku. Casio keyboard.
Amps: A Fender Acoustisonic for all guitar and vocals, only drums go straight to the board. A cigarette box Smokey also feeds the Fender as a pre-amp, and for some vocals I'll mic the cone (like on Juicy You).
Mics: Shure SM58 for vocals and overhead drums, SM57 for amps, kick and instruments. There's a Senheiser e902 on the way for the kick, yay!
Mixer and EQ: Mics are EQed on a Behringer Eurorack MX 602A, basically a powered DJ mixer.
Multitrack recorder and final mix: Fostex MR-8 recorded clean aside from a little plate reverb.

Ring Tone

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