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Dave and Chuck Show

Sundays from 12 to 2 you can hear Dave and Chuck on natradio.com. I'll be the musical guest on New Year's Eve 2006, listen in for the brown sound.

CanCon Junction

Gerry K. went to the Western Canadian Music Awards Music Festival. Larry LeBlanc (Canadian Bureau Chief for Billboard) blurts out that "Nickelback is the new Triumph." A half glass of gin and tonic was up Gerry's nose by the time Larry says, "It's all cyclical, man." And so the games began.

Open Letter to EMI / Columbia / Virgin Records Canada Regarding Copy Protection

I'm sick and tired of attempts by record companies to warp reality into something less. EMI's new "copy protection" scheme is the last straw. I wrote a letter -- a copy of which is linked here -- and won't be giving them any more of my money until I see changes in the right direction. What are you doing about it? [Read the letter.][Write your own.]

The Best of 2002

It was a great year. New Year's at the Rivoli, Clinic at Lee's, seeing the Stones play a local club, Queens of the Stones Age in Dallas, getting married in Jamaica, and a boatload of great new music ending with December releases by Ween and The Wildhearts. Read on for the picks of the crop. (2003-01)

The Rolling Stones live at the Palais Royale

August 16, 2002. Giant band, small venue. Read the review, see the pictures. (2002-08)

In the Player

What's been playing and how good it is. Reviews. (2002-01)

Swanny Gets a Radio Show

Swanny and Dave Kerr can be heard on CJTR Regina Community Radio Fridays from 8-10pm EST (7-9pm Rider Time). They'll give these shows to anybody eh. It's like a radio version of UHF -- they mix formats just enough to be unlistenable but it's good for a laugh and they do throw in a few gems along the way. I'm sure the term "Car Wreck Radio" is already out there but if not, there you have it. Become a rubbernecker today. (2002-01)
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Gerry's What's On Column

If I'm gonna plug Swanny's show it would be as wrong as a money shot burp not to mention the column Gerry's been writing for years. It's one of the few music columns worth reading anywhere. Hype-free writing from a guy with a good ear for music. Despite his official picture at the site, Gerry's a pretty together dude. (2002-01)


The best prices on musical instruments, accessories, and sound equipment anywhere. They beat other online prices by a mile, do yourself a favour and check'em out especially if you're in the U.S. (2002-01-30)

Warning: Independent stores no longer carry independent music.

I never bought more music than when Napster was huge. Earth's Music Sampler. Search for a favourite, pick someone out and scour the dude's library for gold. Any band that could put three good tunes on a record got my money and there were six of those a month. When the Industry won and Napster sucked wind I stopped buying. Now there's Morpheus and I'm finding great music again, and I'm trying to stick to buying independent. Sure I trip up and scoop the odd brand name but for refusing to evolve I'll burn first and buy later. I'll be back sometime after fans return to baseball.

So I went looking for a half-dozen independent albums this month. Two each by: Clinic. Detroit Cobras. Zen Guerrilla. I live in Toronto and figured I'd find them easy. I went to Soundscape. Fresh out. Sonic Temple. No luck. Had a disc waiting at Sound City and they said they had Zen Guerrilla on order (nice when your E-Bay pusher turns out to be a local). Picked up my Buckley at Olympia but no Z.G. Things were desperate. I went to Sam's.

Sam the Record Man is the big shop with the small-shop catalog. The chain with a heart. I've requested records from Sam's that showed up ages later when all others failed, no doubt procured through a small arms / vintage vinyl dealer in the Gulf of Tonkan. This time no dice, fresh out but at least they have all the name cards in the bins. And when I asked about Detroit Cobras they actually had a guy on staff who plays in a local band, digs the Cobras, had seen them four months earlier and told a good story about it, and his band was kinda like the Cobras. So I got the new Deadly Snakes but was still 0 for 6 on the target list.

Went to HMV. His Master's Voice. Unholy spawn of RCA. De facto descendent of cold, sterile, long bankrupt A&A Records. They have a website you can actually find stuff on, so it musta been expensive. And there I found pretty much everything I was looking for. I walked out with a big stupid grin and an empty wallet.

What happened? Where did it all go so terribly wrong? Maybe I'm being too harsh, maybe these shops were just one copy shy of perfect supply and demand or I'm the last guy who will ever go looking for this stuff. Soundscape has a full wall of music from the top 10 and top 100 lists of music geeks from across North America. They have Half Japanese and Mississippi John Hurt tribute albums. So why can't I find anything good that came out this year, aside from the new releases of last year's Top 50 bands as rated by Spin? I don't live in Tisdale, I live in a city big enough that I shouldn't have to hear "I can put it on order, it takes about ten business days." The freakin' warehouses and press plants are a ten minute drive. So really. Tell me. How do the stores and companies bitch about Napster and Morpheus and I find one sales guy in fifteen who can recommend an album or tell me where to find what I want?

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